Hackathon 2nd Edition

Hackathon 2nd Edition

“Tonin Harapi” Concert Hall, “Jordan Misja” Artistic Lyceum, Tirana

30th March 2022

ThinkTech, this year will be a 2-day event, where the best professionals and the brightest university students come together to solve real problems through Smart Solutions, learn and create networking.

Smart Solutions Hackathon will be held on March 30th where the smartest project will be judged based on creativity, usefulness, modularity, solution, and presentation.

7 teams with some really interesting themes will participate and be with us during the live streaming. May the smartest solution win!

2nd Edition

09:00 – 12:50
First Section


13:00 – 14:00
Lunch Break


14:10 – 16:30
Second Section

Closing of the event


Key Speakers

Forum Host Speech by Mrs. Wendy MORAVA, Creative Writer

Presentation of the jury with photos and the teams.

Short speech from Team Leaders.

Another presentation of the jury and the teams.

Jury starts speaking: Juliana Lula, Orieta Vashko, Antonio Quattrocchi

At 15:00 teams start presenting their ideas, 15 mins each.

In the end the jury will take the decision for the winning team by takin 10-15 minutes.

The Head of Jury announces the winner