Mak Albania

23rd Dec 2020

“Hackathon”, the technological event organized by Landmark for the first time in Albania. Interesting terms that have conquered the world of technology, seem to be back in trend within a very short time. The year 2020 served us the new “hackathon” trend, which was immediately embraced by all.

Landmark is always coherent, so it presented a completely innovative technological event, which took place in the form of a competition, where talented young people and passionate about technology, brought fantastic ideas and visionary products, realized in a relatively short time.

“Hackathon” came as a continuation of the first technological conference in Albania, “Think Tech”, which took place in February 2020 and was very successful, as it focused on the development of young people, their careers in Albania and the opportunities that partners provide them. Participants became more familiar with partner initiatives, success stories, as well as training and professional advice that help professional growth and contribute best to the local market.

This time, “Think Tech Hackathon” brought another innovation, a very interesting topic such as “Internet of Things” (IoT). This topic consists of the fact that all devices that exist in the world and are in our function, can be connected to the Internet.

Full 7 teams composed of experts in various technological fields, challenged each other, implementing their brilliant ideas, under the pressure of time. As in any strong competition, only one managed to triumph and be awarded the first prize of 1,000 euros.

At Landmark it has always been and will continue to be a tradition that every talented young person is valued as a very important asset and is constantly motivated, being rewarded for his contribution.

The idea that managed to win the sympathy of the jury, was “Smart Bin for the City”, an original and useful way, which aims to perform proper waste management, in order to save time and resources. The result would be a cleaner environment for us and for future generations, in a much busier time.

The jury consisted of Mrs. Juliana Lula, CTO and “Moveo Albania Technology”, Mrs. Najada Mehmeti, Senior Java Developer at “Sisal Albania” and Mrs. Ana Dëmbbi, Senior Software Developer at Landmark Technologies. The event also had special guests, Mr. Mario Martinelli, CIO and Sisal Group, Mr. Thimoty Barbieri, Enterprise Architect Manager in “Sisal Group” and in the hall, respecting all security measures, present were Mrs. Alba Hoxha, Business Development in the B2B ICT department at “ONE Telecommunications” and Mr. Gjergji Spaho, CIO of “Balfin Group”. During the event, the jury and guests shared with the audience their experiences and discussed more about the importance and impact of “Internet of Things”, noting the challenges that developers are facing in this period.

This event had very important partners such as: “Sisal Albania Hub”, “One Telecommunications”, “Moveo Albania Technology”, “Balfin Group” and “Landmark”, as the creator and creator of Hackathon. Thanks to their cooperation and dedication, an extraordinary success was achieved once again.