React Meetup

React Meetup

Pool Tower

24th June 2021

React Meetup was an event organized for all the developers and people who are passionate about technology. It had three main speakers.

Danilo Kasemi, a well-versed Software Developer and Java Trainer, with Master’s Degree (MSc) in software engineering. He owns experience on different programming languages like Java, C# and JavaScript, and also frameworks like AEM, React library etc. He is very focused on Performance-Optimizing Design Patterns and Machine Learning. Danilo moderated the event and also shared some details on Redux, Architecture and performance details of React and other info.

Anisa Tocila, an experienced Software Developer focused on JavaScript technologies. She has a long-standing iteration with tools and projects with React, but also other SW development technologies/ languages like Databases, PHP, Node etc. Her primary career goal is to grow her expertise, to be updated in new technologies and use them as tools to deliver better products to enhance the market. Anisa shared to React fans the plan of the release 18 of React and what are its main benefits, features etc.

Soni Lamkaj, with a full flavored background in technology, from a fellow student and researcher in Philadelphia University to Mobile and BE/FE Developer, including here also JavaScript, his passion. He is now focused on MERN Stack with particular attention to React.js and related frameworks. His career goal is to keep growing towards excellence and build beautiful things. Soni shared some details about Material UI use in React with the community.